Coping Stones UK Limited are a national company that designs and sells Coping Stones and Pier Caps. They have a UK wide customer base and distribute their products from their warehouse in the East Midlands across the UK. They required a large eCommerce site capable of handling 100+ products with several colour, price and size variations with a flexible stock management system, flexible shipping and payment procedures and an accessible CMS.

The eCommerce website was designed using their unique brand identity and has a sleek layout and structure that clearly displays their products, allowing visitors to purchase online with ease.


In one year the sales revenue has increased by 600% utilising effective website design and monthly SEO.


Engaging content, monthly SEO and PPC have helped drive continuous new traffic to the website which now achieves over 2,000 visits per week.

Could not recommend Digital Thread enough. They were flexible with packages and works around us to Sui our demands! The transformation of our website was spectacular! The Digital Thread team also strived to get us to our spot on page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing and our sales growth has been exponential ever since. Thank you so much to the Digital Thread team for all of their hard work.

Emily Mason – Director of Coping Stones UK LTD. 

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